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Physiotherapy is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty that aims to remediate impairments, promote mobility and function and overall improve quality of life for the patient. Physiotherapists will examine, diagnose, and then intervene physically through mechanical force and movements to achieve patients goals.

Physiotherapy aims to improve one’s daily life by using history and physical examination of the patient to then administer appropriate treatment plan or procedures. When necessary, physiotherapists will also use the results of imaging such as Xray or MRI to best treat the illness of the patient.

Physiotherapy treatment often involves prescription of or assistance with a set of exercises, manual therapy and manipulation, or prescription of assistive devices such as orthoses or prostheses.

Physiotherapists also work to prevent loss of mobility before it occurs by developing fitness and implementing wellness programs for healthier lifestyles or a more active routine to ensure individuals maintain maximum movement and functional ability.

Some highly recommended physiotherapists include:

More Than Physio
1199 High Street Armadale 3143
Phone: 03 9824 8868

Daisy Hill Physio
11 Allamandra Drive
Daisy Hill 4127
Phone: 07 3209 2000

Whittlesea Physiotherapy
2/17 Church Street
Whittlesea, 3757
Phone: 9716 2250

QV Physiotherapy
Level 5, 10 Artemis lane
Phone: 9650 4149

Monteith Physio
Suite 301, Level 3
Grafton Bond Building
201 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000
02 9252 2433

Glen Eira Physiotherapy
165 Koornang Rd
03 9571-2111

St Leonards Physiotherapy
G06/15 Atchison Street,
St Leonards,  NSW 2065
(02) 9438 1782

Midlands Physio
5 Mason Road Kidderminster
Worcestershire DY11 6AF
01562 754 380

Northern Districts Physiotherapy Eastwood
20A/1 Lakeside Rd
Eastwood NSW 2122
Phone: 02 9874 8410

Total Physio Care  

796 Burke Road, Camberwell VIC 3124
(03) 9882 3291

70 Yarra Street, Heidelberg VIC 3084
(03) 9457 7474

2 Orrong Avenue, Reservoir VIC 3073
(03) 9469 3157

Suite 8, 30 Eleanor St, Footscray VIC 3011
(03) 9304 7356

Aus Health Physiotherapy

Brookvale House Warringah Mall Level 2, 1A Cross Street
Brookvale 2100

9B Green Street (Within Brooke Withers Swim School)
Brookvale 2100
Phone: 9905 0048

The Physio Studio
132 Goodwood Rd,
Goodwood SA 5034
Website :
Phone: (08) 8357 0418

Ormond Physiotherapy
481 North Road, Ormond VIC 3204
Phone: 03 9578 6588

Is pain stopping you from doing what you love?

Physiotherapy-Services-SydneyPhysiotherapy involves a general view of the entire body and applying different types of treatment and preventive techniques to speed up rehabilitation or get the body functioning at peak conditions depending on the exact problems the individual is facing. Physiotherapy to a great extent involves mostly the use of education, exercise and movement, manual therapy, and to a lesser extent ultrasound and acupuncture to improve the physical condition of the body. These techniques can either be to prevent, manage or treat health conditions.

Physiotherapists or physios are trained and certified to bring the body to optimal or manageable conditions in order to improve the quality of life depending on the illness or disorder. They work in clinics, hospitals, homecare centres, or in the private practice. Aging is a major cause of muscle degradation and physiotherapists usually work with social services in a bid to provide care to the elderly people in the community. Recently, both healthy and sick people are progressively becoming more inclined to physiotherapy as a holistic therapeutic technique to improve the quality of their life.

Monteith Physio Sydney endeavour to relieve you of both your body pains and its source, thereby helping to advance your life in the short-term, as well as prevent any long term problems from happening. These forms of therapy are designed to build, preserve and restore the utmost functional ability to the body and in preventing disability caused by pain, disease or injury. A patient’s history and physical examination is used to diagnose and create a fitness management plan that is personalized to that specific condition and has the ability to speed up rehabilitation.

Physical therapy can help improve your ability to make use of the body areas that have been impacted by injury or ailment. Health conditions like arthritis which is a long-term ailment with symptoms such as sore and stiff joints can be alleviated with the help of physical therapy which can assist in keeping the joints flexible and make the muscles stronger. It is a well known fact that poor posture and technique are some of the most popular reasons for repeat injuries and as such a physiotherapist educates the patient on the ideal behaviour and activities that will aid your condition. They are also responsible for ensuring that the right equipments, devices and environmental conditions necessary for the most favourable rehabilitation procedure for a specific condition are established and will also advise on the best course of action to follow.

Monteith Physio Sydney offers an extensive variety of treatments, to take care of a vast number of ailments and injuries. Their service covers Hydrotherapy, Child Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Clinical Pilates and rehabilitation from various injuries. In addition, they provide a thorough assessment of a health condition and the specific treatment and advice that will aid recovery.

The ability of physiotherapy to address a vast range of illnesses which include paediatrics, neurological, geriatrics, orthopaedic and cardiopulmonary problems among the populace makes it a very beneficial treatment for various health conditions as it doesn’t involve the use of drugs to return the body to optimum condition.

Botox® Injections Melbourne Rejuvenate for a Fresh-Faced Appearance

Melbourne, Australia – April 28, 2016 – Botox is perhaps one of the most well-known names in cosmetic procedures, instantly recognized by millions of individuals. DermaCare Cosmetic and Laser offers Botox® injections Melbourne to smooth away wrinkles in multiple areas of the face for a more youthful appearance.

Botox® anti-wrinkle injections work by relaxing specific muscles that cause lines and wrinkles to form. The purified protein is a safe, effective and minimally invasive way to alleviate multiple types of lines and wrinkles and has been used to rejuvenate the appearance of more than 22 million people worldwide. Treatments last approximately four months before the procedure must be repeated and they’re equally effective in preventing lines before they develop.

Ridding the visage of crow’s feet is perhaps one of the most often utilized applications of anti-wrinkle injections. Lines and wrinkles begin to appear as the body’s natural production of collagen declines due to aging, hormonal changes and damage from environmental sources. Repetitive motions that include laughing and squinting are also contributing factors.

Anti-wrinkle injections are effective for addressing crow’s feet and opening up the eye area by affecting the muscles responsible for brow positioning. Many individuals develop forehead lines from raising their brows to flirt, demonstrate surprise, and express disbelief or disapproval. All that forehead motion causes wrinkles that can be alleviated with cosmetic injections.

Associated with forehead wrinkles are frown lines, along with wrinkles across the bridge of the nose sometimes called bunny lines. In both instances, the imperfections develop as a result of squinting, concentrating and even smiling. Anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscles and smooth the area for a younger looking appearance.

Vertical lines above the lips are inevitable and occur as a result of eating, drinking and talking. They can appear at any age, but are exacerbated by smoking, waxing the upper lip, and excessive use of beverage straws. Associated with lip lines are smile lines that form at the bottom of the nose and run to the corners of the mouth.

Another condition, marionette lines, gives the mouth the appearance of turning downward and can make individuals look perpetually angry. Botox® injections Melbourne at DermaCare Cosmetic and Laser can be used to address each type of line surrounding the mouth to provide patients with a refreshed look.

For more information, call 1300 651 216, email, or visit DermaCare online.


About DermaCare Cosmetic and Laser

The well-being of patients and treatment results are priorities at DermaCare. The highly trained cosmetic professionals understand that even the smallest change can make a big difference in the way an individual feels. The clinic offers complimentary laser and skin care analysis consultations, providing advice and support for patients during every step of treatment. The practice offers anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, chemical peels and laser vein removal, along with treatment for rosacea, pigmentation problems and sun damage, acne, scars and stretch marks. The clinic maintains a presence on Facebook and Google +.Dermal-Filler

Physio Epping and Physiotherapy West Ryde Offers 40 Percent off New Patient Consultations

PhysiotherapyEpping, NSW – Feb. 7, 2016 – Physio Epping and Physiotherapy West Ryde clinics of Northern Districts Physiotherapy Eastwood (NDPE) is providing new patients only with 40 percent off the cost of their initial consultation. To receive the discount, patients must mention the offer when scheduling their appointment.

The new patient special offered by the clinics is just one of the ways that they’re serving the needs of patients. NDPE maintains practices in six locations, with late appointments for adults and children. Each patient receives an in-depth assessment, treatment and management plan designed specifically for them.

The human body is a complex, biomechanical machine, but it can be damaged through any number of events ranging from sports participation and vehicle crashes to work accidents. Physiotherapy restores the body much like a mechanic maintains a high-performance vehicle.

Physio is an important part of pain management and patients may be prescribed dry needling or therapeutic massage to aid in the process. The techniques direct circulation where it’s needed most to accelerate the healing process. The therapies relax the body, provide it with an optimal state in which to heal, and can release knotted muscles associated with injuries, stress and conditions that arise following surgery.

Many individuals don’t seek the help of a physiotherapist until their pain is severe or a problem has become chronic. Clinical Pilates and a variety of specialised exercise programs are available to address tendon and ligament problems that accompany repetitive movement conditions stemming from work or sports.

Physiotherapy is beneficial for treating migraines, rotator cuff issues, arthritis, sciatica and neurological problems. Epping and West Ryde physiotherapists are experts in how the body moves, functions, and in its neurological systems. The clinics offer orthotic devices that help alleviate pain, align the spine properly, and eliminate improper postures and behaviors.

The discounts for new patients at the West Ryde and Epping clinics provide a cost effective way for individuals to learn how physiotherapy can make a difference in their lives to facilitate range of motion, mobility and ease pain from a variety of causes. The practices provide effective rehabilitation therapies that help patients return to their normal range of activities as quickly as possible.

For more information, call 02 9874 8410 or visit NDPE online to learn about special offers for new patients.

Massage Therapy at Heidelberg and Reservoir Treats Conditions of the Mind and Body

sports1Camberwell, Australia – Feb. 8, 2016 – Massage therapy at Total Physiocare is an effective means of relaxation, rehabilitation, and pain management. It’s a beneficial treatment for chronic disease, depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but individuals don’t have to be injured to avail themselves of the healing benefits of therapeutic massage at one of the practice’s clinics.

Many individuals have the mistaken impression that massage is primarily a therapy that’s utilized for back pain, injuries and conditions that include scoliosis. It does relieve pain and aid in better posture, but Heidelberg massage is an effective treatment for multiple locations within the body where pain, inflammation and dysfunction is present.

Massage Reservoir is beneficial for sleeping disorders, asthma, frozen shoulder and irritable bowel syndrome. It relieves TMJ pain, migraines, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Those who develop carpal tunnel and conditions resulting from repetitive movement injuries due to work or athletic pursuits can find relief with massage therapy.

Therapeutic massage improves circulation to affected areas and aids the body’s own abilities to manage pain and accelerate healing. It’s effective for addressing the fatigue and pain that accompanies cancer and its related treatments, along with neurological dysfunction, strains and sprains.

Those suffering with chronic diseases and syndromes ranging from Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis to diabetes can find relief through massage therapy. The technique is effective for relieving hot flashes and symptoms associated with menopause and the contractions of false labor.

High levels of stress and anxiety can lead to depression and result in physical symptoms that include headaches, migraines, and unexplained aches and pains. A strong connection between the physical manipulations of massage and improved mood is well-documented.

Therapeutic massage removes restrictions within the body that cause pain, can help with misalignments, and is beneficial for individuals who have undergone surgery to aid in keeping muscles, tendons and ligaments limber.

Massage therapy at the Camberwell, Heidelberg and Reservoir clinics of Total Physiocare provides clients with multiple convenient locations. Massage can be used as a stand-alone therapy, as a preventative measure, and as a complementary treatment for a wide range of injuries, conditions and diseases to facilitate movement, rehabilitation and healing.


About Total Physiocare

Total Physiocare was established in 2002 and is committed to providing quality physiotherapy service to the communities it serves. The practice has offices in Camberwell, Heidelberg, Reservoir and Footscray for patient convenience. The clinic maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.


Media Contact

Total Physiocare


Phone: (03) 9882 3291

The New Fountain Of Youth

anti-wrinkle-injectionsTo shed years and create the glowing appearance you have always wanted visit Renew. Their staff can easily accommodate you to achieve the look you want with a recovery time that is truly minimal, and a cost that anyone can afford.

The Appeal Of Injections
Whenever we look in the mirror, we notice there are things about ourselves that we want to change. In most woman gaining that vibrant, youthful look is nothing more than a passing dream. However, with anti-wrinkle injections, that is actually a plausible reality!

Brilliance Of Botox
Today people can forgo showing signs of ageing. While they will not make you feel any younger, you will look remarkably changed. Anti-wrinkle injections, which most people commonly call Botox, stops the contraction of muscles via a paralytic. In turn, this does not create wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other unseemly facial depressions.

Injection Sites
Determining where to inject Botox depends on which areas you are most interested in filling in and smoothing out. Most areas of the face can have anti-wrinkle injections applied to eradicate the look of: wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, and more. People tend to focus Botox efforts around their foreheads and brows. The best way to communicate your desire is to look at yourself in a mirror and point out your areas of concern to your dermatologist or cosmetic specialist.

Noticeable, Yet Subtle
Anti-wrinkle injections are not intended to make you look like a plumped model, but are intended to remove noticeable lines and depressions. They will definitely have your friends’ attention, yet they are a far more subtle improvement than facial surgery. Underneath those signs of ageing is a gorgeous woman – show off your real self!

Professor Mark Ashton’s anti-wrinkle injections are an inexpensive way to achieve a full, fresh face – so much so that you will think you have found the fountain of youth!

Jaw Pain Melbourne Treatment Options

jaw-pain-melbourne-222x300Jaw pain is a very common condition experienced by at least 10% of the Australian population.  It is more common in women than men. Jaw pain is sometimes called TMJ, which stands for temporo mandibular joint (your jaw joint). People mistakenly use the term TMJ to describe their condition i.e. “I have TMJ”. What they should be saying is “I have a TMJ problem” or “I have TMD (temporo-mandibular –disorder)”

Jaw pain Melbourne is often associated with other symptoms such as clicking, stiffness of the jaws, locking, headache, ear pain or blocking and occasionally ringing of the ears (tinnitus).  The pain is often worse in the morning and is a sign that you may be clenching (bruxing) at night. Stress is a major contributing factor to clenching but is not the only reason for this unconscious habit. Jaw pain commonly occurs when excessive force is applied to the jaws such as wisdom teeth extraction, or when the mouth is kept open for extended periods such as during lengthily dental procedures.

Jaw pain can be related to or contributed to by an issue of the head and neck alignment leading to a mechanical stress on the jaw joint and its associated muscles. Whiplash type injury is a common prelude to jaw pain and may only manifest in jaw pain years later. Neck structures can also refer pain to the face and jaw region producing jaw pain type symptoms which do not originate in the jaw joints or structures. This can contribute to a confusing picture when trying to determine the source of pain and plan appropriate treatment.

Physiotherapists  with special interest and training in TMJ / jaw conditions are able to asses and treat both areas of the neck and TMJ’s to determine where your pain is coming from and what structures require treatment. Often treatment focussing on the head and neck areas as well as the TMJs is indicated for resolution. Although your dentist may be able to assist your jaw pain and clenching by fitting you with a custom made mouth splint, they are not generally able to asses or treat any neck component of your jaw / TMJ pain. If you suspect a neck component due to stiffness at the back of the head and neck, headaches at the back of the head, or if you are not getting expected results with a mouth splint, then be sure to contact us at Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre. Our physiotherapists have special training and experience treating a range of jaw pain / TMJ conditions.

Call 03 9500 8656 today for “rapid relief & lasting results” from jaw pain / TMJ pain.


4 Life, For Health

physiotherapy-in-Mandurah-WAFor Mandurah physiotherapy look no further than 4 Life Physio. Consider physiotherapy if you: Have  been feeling achy lately, have had a certain limb start acting up, or have not felt up to your usual standard.

4 Life Physiotherapy
When you need health care it has to be accurate and effective – never take a chance on your body because it is the only one you have. 4 Life Physiotherapy is made of a well trained team of professionals that are experienced in a variety of physiotherapy needs and treatment practices.

Therapy 4 Me
Great physiotherapy is not just about an experienced professional, but about making sure the patient can carry that therapy with them. For optimal mobility a person may need to be retrained (perhaps following an accident or surgery) in order to effectively use their body again, or they may need to learn certain techniques as is the case for occupational physiotherapy. 4 Life Physiotherapy educates you, the patient, to take charge of your health outside of therapy appointments.

4 Good Health
Unfortunately, in today’s medically savvy world, too many people treat pain with medication and move on without ever treating the cause itself. With physiotherapy this does not happen. The problem itself is assessed and treated, so that not only is pain eliminated, but a person becomes functional again, and returns to the lifestyle they previously enjoyed.

Whether you have acquired nerve injuries, have strained a ligament, are experiencing pain, or have injuries your foot, ankle, or other part of your lower limb, you can be helped by a physiotherapists on their own or in conjunction with other healthcare professionals. Don’t wait – the best time to get help for your ailment is now. Click here for more information about 4 Life Physiotherapy in Mandurah and nearby suburbs.

What Does a Paediatric Chiropractor Do?

happy-childA paediatric chiropractor is a chiropractor who specialises in kids and also has finished a minimum three-year postgraduate Master’s Qualification in Chiropractic Paediatrics. There are at present less than Ten chiropractors within australia who possess a Master’s degree in chiropractic paediatrics. The professional task of a paediatric chiropractor is nonetheless gaining popularity in the chiropractic career. This is attributed to the growing common need for high quality paediatric healthcare outside of mainstream medicine. You will find an increasing number of children across the world whose parents recognise the importance of good health via regular chiropractic care, and so are looking for the expert consultancy and treatment from paediatric chiropractors.

Informed Choice…Making an informed decision

Every parent tries to make the right decisions concerning the health and wellness of their kids. Decisions like… should my kid be vaccinated, or should my child indulge in body contact sporting activities, or perhaps does my kid needs to take vitamin supplements or possibly medication? And definitely does my kid require chiropractic care?

Indeed in depth clinical experience supported by an ever increasing amount of scientific study has shown that a great deal of childhood conditions might react positively to chiropractic. These comprise of migraines, headaches, asthma, ear infections, chronic chest infections, decreased immunity, bedwetting, colic, constipation, sinus, bad sleeping habits, increasing pains, autism, reflux, visual problems, hyperactivity, ADD/ADHD, indigestion, heart problems, giddiness, night terrors, learning problems, chronic cough, tonsillitis, poor appetite, recurrent tummy upsets, bad posture plus a lot more.

How Can a Paediatric Chiropractor Help Your Child?

So what is chiropractic? Why must your child go and see a paediatric chiropractor? Just how can a paediatric chiropractor aid a child with their colic? How does a paediatric chiropractor make a difference to a child with bedwetting or ear infections? Precisely what might a paediatric chiropractor do to possibly affect a child with learning difficulties, or headaches, or epilepsy?

In an attempt to answer these queries it is firstly essential to know how your child’s body performs.  A child’s vertebral column includes 31 bony segments called vertebrae, separated through cartilage discs. The discs work as shock absorbers, modifying form rather like soft cushions as the spinal cord flexes. As well as aiding the body and permitting us to move, the spine has the important task of guarding the spinal cord, which comes forth from the brain on the foundation of the skull and also goes straight down via the centre of the vertebral column.

Inside this cord seem to be millions of bundles of nerves. These vertebral nerves branch out of the openings amongst the specific spinal vertebrae sending information to and fro amongst the brain and the entire body. In doing so these nerves play an important role in managing the cells, tissues glands and also organs of one’s child’s body.

Now, in order for your kid to function at their finest, to enable them to accomplish their optimum health potential, it’s a known proven fact that this crucial information have to travel from the brain through the neurological system free from disturbance. If the nerve supply, most of these nerve signals are interrupted, and the message going between the brain and your child’s body organs or cells is affected, then your child’s system will not perform at 100% potential and your child’s overall health will probably be compromised. That is why your child’s spine is really vital and why paediatric chiropractors emphasize the value of looking after the spine. If an disturbance occurs to your child’s nervous system then your child’s health might certainly suffer. For it is a recognized fact that overall health relies upon to a large degree on a healthy nervous system.

Therefore, our own task as paediatric chiropractors is quite simply to eliminate any kind of interferences between a child’s brain as well as their body permitting every single child to attain their own ‘maximum health potential’, permitting each and every kid to be as healthy as they can be.

Podiatry Care in Brunswick and Sandringham

Podiatrists diagnose as well as treat both normal and more unusual skin and nail pathologies of the feet.  Podiatrists enjoy an important role in maintaining the capability to move of numerous older and handicapped people, and others.  This is achieved by the continuous tracking of foot health, in particular of those with circulation disorders and diabetes.

Podiatry Brunswick and Podiatry Sandringham – contact the team at Melbourne Podiatrist on 9387 8555.

Podiatrists are identified as important members of the medical care workforce in reducing and managing lower limb difficulties for people living with diabetes.

A fundamental area of foot care carried out by podiatrists is the treatment of a variety of acute and chronic nail problems, the management of which depends upon the pathology.

Podiatrists possess specific instrumentation for pain-free and effective management of these problems.  One example is the surgical correction of chronically ingrown toe nails under local anaesthesia is a common podiatric treatment.

The treatment and prevention of corns, calluses and warts are also typical podiatric treatments.

Podiatry and Children’s Feet

The child’s foot is not really a small-scale model of an adult foot.  It’s shape is not ultimately determined until growth ceases at the end of the second decade of life.  Podiatrists diagnose and treat children’s foot problems by careful examination of the foot, and lower limb, where essential.

Advice for the prevention or reduction of foot deformity which often occurs later in adult life might include the provision of suitable information on footwear, treatment by splinting, guidance on exercises and/or orthotic control of the feet.  Podiatrists also treat common, chronic and acute issues of children’s feet such as osteochondroses, fasciitis and pes planus.

Orthoses – Orthotics

Orthoses are custom-made shoe inserts made especially to reduce a foot pathology.  The prescription and production of orthoses is an important part of podiatric practice.  Podiatrists are trained in the production approaches for a variety of shoe inserts. The majority of inserts fit into two primary groups – functional orthoses or palliative orthoses.

Functional orthoses are prescribed after the biomechanical assessment and casting of the feet.  They are made by various processes to align the structure of the foot in its most functionally effective position.  The orthotic, moulded from the cast, is built to stabilize the foot and also to stop it from shifting into an out of balance position whilst walking or running.

These inserts involve a number of steps in both the diagnostic and production stages, and are generally made from a thermoplastic.

Palliative orthoses are made particularly to minimize pressure from painful or ulcerated areas of the foot.  These are often softer and less complicated devices made of foam or rubbers.  Palliative orthoses are often used for the treatment of severely deformed feet with a restricted flexibility and mobility.  They are usually an appropriate option for seniors with significant soft-tissue atrophy and/or circulatory illness.

Podiatry and Surgery

Podiatrists are competent to conduct both nail as well as cutaneous surgical procedures, however some have undertaken additional training to undertake additional foot surgery.

Do I require a medical referral to visit a Podiatrist?

Most commonly it is not necessary to get a referral to visit a podiatrist.  However, for patients to receive podiatry treatment within several programs including those run by Veterans Affairs, Workers Compensation, or the Program for Aids for Disabled People (PADP), a medical referral is required.

Private health insurance funds cover podiatry services within their ancillary tables.
Government-funded services are available in some public hospitals, community health centres as well as other publicly funded utilities.

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